All Opinions are Necessary and Important

It has been for some time now that I as a young conservative have been “put in my place” multiple times a day for the last many years. I have been called every “ism” in the book. (Which isn’t even close to being true.) I have been accused of being a white supremacist. I have friends that won’t even talk to me anymore because of my yearn for a free democracy.

My liberal friends have ZERO tolerance of my beliefs and refuse to even listen to my side of the story or spectrum. I watched a video clip of a gentleman on CNN bring up the thought of Fake News and witnessed him being shut down without the ability to speak.

When a large group of people get together and protest anything against a republican the media covers it like the super bowl. When large groups of conservatives get together it is barely mentioned, and even sometimes criticized.

I have friends on my Facebook news feed that continuously share borderline true stories and then accuse myself of calling it out as fake. I see some people who even think of succession from the union in order to promote the agenda.

These people are not true Americans. A true American is someone is is tolerant of someones opinion even if it doesn’t align with their own. And what makes America a great democracy, is that you can disagree. You can be represented at the table. The only time your opinion doesn’t count is when it is something that you want that infringes upon someone else.

Please comment what you have seen, and what we can do to stop this anti-establishment and anti-conservative movement. I don’t mind the arguments and the debates, but the censorship and the unwavering support of many talking puppets in the media and in Hollywood create a vast majority of American’s who continue to join these malicious causes that will eventually break up the union that has been living free since the late 1700’s.


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