A Sad Time in History

In the last 5 years of my life, I have never been as afraid to voice my opinion as I am today. I live in fear that my beliefs of American freedom and economic freedom will lead to the constant bashing of conservative intelligence and threats of racism.

I grew up from a child to an adult during the Obama tenure, and personally believe that growing up during a democrat run country has assisted me in being moderately conservative. While growing up in High School I would speak my mind only to be argued with by a teacher. If it wasn’t a teacher it was a fellow student who would say I wasn’t old enough to understand. (Pot calling Kettle Black)

In college I stayed as far away from discussing anything trivial. I attended a mostly conservative private university, but still many professors wanted to push their agendas of American injustice and prejudice.

Now as a full-time professional it has become even harder to be able to share my beliefs because at the moment being a conservative is similar to being a terrorist in some of my colleagues minds.

I believe in a nation that does have debates and disagreements, but in the last year we have gone too far when it comes to the way in which we debate. I have yet to finish a debate with someone from the Democratic Party. Every time it starts I am constantly reminded of the time Donald Trump spoke like he was in a locker room. I am reminded of how he doesn’t believe in climate change. ETC… I am called dumb, stupid, racist, sexist, elitist. I am called these names without substance.

I can handle the name calling, but it is extremely childish and disappointing, because when my party was the minority, yes I criticized, but I never name called or generalized someone based on their political party.

The fact of the matter is that no one’s voice will never be heard if we continue to argue at this level. I was never taught in school how to have a debate. This is evident in the fact that many of my colleagues and friends argue like children instead of actually working out issues affecting our world.

Often times I am called a racist. Nothing is more aggravating than when I am accused of something I have never been associated with or supported in my lifetime. It is easy for someone to call me that, because it allows their own minds to feel okay with the words that are coming out of their mouths after that term being used, but at the end of the day I know how I feel.

I am often called a sexist because of my political party connections. I am called an anti-American because I don’t believe our nation should be subjected to extreme vetting on future citizens.

This is something that must be stopped, but my fear is that being anti-conversation is en-grained in our lives as Americans from Middle School until the end of a post-secondary education.

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you are interrupted or debated with on policies or political themes that you disagree with, but you are “Guilty” by association with a party affiliation. I have many millennial conservative views when it comes to Gay Marriage, abortion, and any minority rights or struggles. The sad part is that I agree with these topics in the mainstream, but since I am considered anti-these things, we will never solve these problems. Problems are solved by working together, the future is dark and I don’t know what we could do to undo these negative events and prevent future ones.

Thoughts? Has anyone else ever been subjected to situation like this?


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